About Us

In this era of rapid growth, industrialization & urbanization, business have seen an exponential growth and are expanding rapidly. With this, complexities in business processes & operation have considerably increased. Today, the most complex processes in the corporate world are simplified with the help of highly advanced and modern software’s. An efficient & effective software not only simplifies processes, but it also determines the success of a business.

The word buffer means, “To lessen or reduce the impact of something”
This meaning holds true for us. At Buffer TechSolutions we believe in creating simplified IT & Software solutions that help business to progress in the direction of achieving higher profitability and greater productivity.

Buffer TechSolutions is started with the objective of providing turnkey offshore Software Development, Test Engineering, Product Development along with consultation services to organizations in India & the world over.

Our unique methodology involves the blending of technical and functional know how along with the latest IT (information technology) tools to help your business achieve its organizational goals in the most efficient manner.

Our team comprises of young, dynamic and highly motivated individuals in the pursuit of excellence and value creation for all our stake holders. Our strong threshold in the domains of information technology, product development and consulting is the direct result of our competitive advantage, rich experience and impeccable decision making.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and it is the satisfaction that is our ultimate reward. All our business processes are customer centric and are hence designed to create maximum value. Backed by strong experience, driven by a team of highly skilled individuals and having served some of the leading global enterprises, we have proved our capabilities and are ready to take on any kind of challenges.

Company Philosophy

We at Buffer TechSolutions believe that aligning organizational goals with the technological needs of a company is very crucial for its success; hence our team of highly qualified Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Developers & Testers all come together, pool in their talents cum resources and work towards perfectly executing the project. This excellent co-ordination & contribution of team members enables us to complete every project in the given time and within the predefined budget.



BufferTS missionOur mission is to provide technology oriented solutions that help boost productivity and create value for our customers. This in return will enable them to expand their operations globally. Our technical expertise along with our passion for excellence should become a driving force in helping clients meet their objectives.


BufferTS visionOur vision is to help organizations achieve their goals by providing them with the best technological support possible. Organizational needs and technology are rapidly changing and hence one needs to be updated with the latest developments and advancements. At Buffer TechSolutions, we aim at providing solutions that simplify business process and fulfil organizational needs. Our constant effort of enhancing our capabilities and exploring new technologies is what defines our true nature.




In the business of software, technology, product development & consulting, a lot goes behind every project. Project Managers, Product Managers, Engineers, Testers, and Developers all team up together and work towards creating a fully finished product and creation of such a product is only possible when the right talents are brought together. At Buffer TechSolutions we understand the importance of Co-partnering and hence we ensure that experts from various domains work with us and exercise their full potential so that our stakeholders can get the best of what they had asked for.

Time for Change


They say change is constant and this is true for all of us. Change is wonderful and one can be successful only when change is embraced. At Buffer TechSolutions, we understand that everything around us is rapidly evolving and to keep up with this we need to constantly update ourselves. This helps us plan, strategize and act accordingly. Constant evolution is taking us closer to the accomplishment of our ultimate goal.



Buffer TechSolutions, strongly believes in honesty in whatever we do. Honesty forms the basis of clear and transparent relationships and it is this honesty that lets us serve all our stake holders better and ensure customer satisfaction. Be it a strong workforce or satisfied customers, honesty plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals and defining the company’s character.



We strive for excellence in all the projects that we undertake. Our hunger for excellence allows us to go beyond the usual way of accomplishing things. All our business processes are focuses towards creating maximum value so that our customer is satisfied and we have proved our capabilities.