Process simplification is the key to greater productivity and higher profitability. Buffer Tech Solutions presents ENMASS – an Enterprise Business Solution Software designed and developed to simplify important business operations and process. ENMASS is a look at the future of business management. With its unmatched features and state of the art technology it can assist the user in online store & inventory management, shipping, manufacturing, accounting, warehousing, sales force and customer service management. ENMASS is capable of linking your retail stores with an integrated point of sales system.



MRP and ManufacturingMRP & Manufacturing

ENmass Material Resources Planning (MRP) is completely automated to look your inventory demands, it works integrated with other business process and workflows. Complete MRP potential can be utilized by just setting up configuration items. We set up ENmass as per your needs and working style, but also help you to understand the management of any changing business scenarios for better rewards and better control over the manufacturing process.



Project ManagementProject Management

Working in a startup company is a lot different than working for an established one. At Buffer you will get to experience MORE of everything that can groom you in becoming a future corporate leader. From more learning, more exposure, more challenges, more innovation & more opportunities, Buffer is the place to set a benchmark and lay the foundation of professional success.



Work Effort EstimationWork Effort Estimation

Work Effort Estimations in ENmass helps to manage many things including a task, project, project phase, to-do item, calendar item, or even a Workflow Activity. This makes easy to keep track of timesheets and the pay rate of specific stakeholders involved in any given project or work. Same techniques we have used for manufacturing to keep track of activities, creation/modification of products and inventory items consumed and produced by the specific work effort.



Quotation & OrderQuotation & Order

ENmass Order and Quote management entities are used to manage sales and purchase orders and information leading up to an order. ENmass tracks the request throughtout all stages from quote to PO that can be turned into a requirement which can be used to create a Work Effort (a task, for instance); that will satisfy the requirement and fulfill the request which also involves auto-invoicing, payment & account management and shipping.



Inventory ManagementInventory Management

ENmass Inventory Management is part of the integrated and automated fulfillment work flow. It is a dynamic link between sales, procurement, manufacturing and delivery operations making the flow precisely simple. ENmass Inventory module includes complete catalog management, stock management, warehouse activities management and flexibility to adjust levels of all products, parts, and materials used in the sale/resale or the production business.



Sales & DistributionSales & Distribution

ENmass makes processing sales orders easy by configuring the necessary information items, or prerequisites, in advance and being part of workflow reduces time investment by business or sales manager. ENmass take care of distribution management by picking up right warehouse for managing deliveries. As Inventory item is issued for an outgoing shipment it is associated with a Pick List that can be prepared from multiple deliveries to more efficiently route the picking path in the warehouse or other facility. Delivery Packages can be created which represent a single box or delivery unit. ENmass provides multiple features like Single box shipment creation, shipment route management, multi-carrier management, et cetera.



Logistics ManagementLogistics Management

ENmass comes with its own way of handling logistics. We help you to setup simple/multi-logistic channel that can include not only promary but also backup and third party warehouses. As this is integral part of ENmass, all components like MRP, Inventory Management and distribution channel is effeciently managed



Human ResourcesHuman Resources

ENmass Human Resources (HR) keeps track of all HR related activities like employee positions, responsibilities, skills, employment, termination, benefits, training, pay grades and payroll preferences, performance reviews, resumes and applications, et cetera.




ENmass finance module takes care of accounts for multiple organizations, multiple departments having various GL Accounts associated with it so that it can operate with its own subset of the Master Chart of Accounts. ENmass allows each organization to manage its own set of Journals for flexibility, even though most of the tasks like purchase and sales orders, invoices, inventory transfers, payments, receipts is done by system automatically. ENmass takes care of budgeting and the reconciliation of budgets against actual GL Account balances for a specific fiscal period. Not to say but there are also entities used to track custom Fiscal Periods and other entities to keep summary results for accounts in specific periods.



Enterprise Asset ManagementEnterprise Asset Management

ENmass takes care of whole life optimal management of the physical assets of an organization to maximize value. ENmass EAM manages assets across departments, locations, facilities and, in some cases, business units. By managing assets across the facility, organizations can improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and subsequently improve ROA (return on assets).




ENmass CMS allows easy tracking of data resources as well as structures them into general content and knowledge. ENmass allows the specification of meta-data for content and data resources that can be used to implicitly organize and explicitly describe the information. CMS closely talks with Web-based content such as pages and interaction with content including visits to a site (or application) and information about every request sent to the site which is useful for tracking what users are doing with an application for security, marketing, usability and other reasons.




ENmass CRM takes care of Marketing, SFA and Service Management. ENmass being a single product gives complete overview over the business information about Marketing Campaigns and related information such as Contact Lists (mailing, email, or calling lists) and Tracking Codes. Tracking Codes are primarily used in automated systems to keep track of where a customer came from and can be used for commission purposes in addition to analyzing the effectiveness of specific Marketing Campaigns including advertisements, partnerships or affiliations, and so forth. This is completely integrated with other major components of ENmass.



Scrum ManagementScrum Management

In case you are agile and following SCRUM methodology, ENmass can take care of Backlog, Sprint, Increement and Burndown.



Single  SignonSingle Signon

ENmass supports easy integration to SSO technologies like Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP).



Communication ManagerCommunication Manager

ENmass helps to keep your business e-mails in sync with desktop clients like Thunderbird, Outlook or GMail.



Advance e-CommerceAdvance e-Commerce

ENmass e-Commerce module offers extensive functionality for online sales in B2B, B2C and B2E area. In addition to the classic online store it can be personalized for complex ordering systems implemented for products and services, rentals, confections and much more. We develop the site it as per your need and business vertical.



Payment Gateway IntegrationsPayment Gateway Integrations

ENmass is ready for COD, cheque and EFT. It allows easy integration to Paypal. Depending on the need, we write custom payment gateway or integrate with other payment gateway for our business.



Shipping IntegrationsShipping Integrations

ENmass supports easy integration to all global Shipping companies for completely automated shipping setup.




ENmass brings a basic implementation of Web-POS clients. This will be on a POS terminal that will be installed and sales can be booked directly against a central server. This deployment scenario is interesting for online retailers, which additionally retail stores with one or more branches operate and want to use ENmass as the leading system.



VOIP IntegrationsVOIP Integrations

ENmass allows integration to VOIP functionality, which enables you to make outbound VOIP calls and prompts you for the caller of inbound calls in the system. ENmass supports integration with multiple VOIP providers.



We customize ENMASS in such a way that it can help you in the most challenging tasks when it comes to managing a business. Its impeccable architecture lets you manage your business in the most efficient manner while keeping costs under control.

So trust ENMASS and watch experience the success at its best.

The ENMASS Advantage:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP)
  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Point of Sale (POS) System
  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • HR & Payroll
  • Project Management
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