Businesses today are using a variety of e-commerce avenues to establish their presence online by creating various sales and distribution channels to increase the overall sales and revenue. E-Commerce enables marketers to explore newer markets & territories which in turn helps in increasing the profitability of the company. With the effective tools, the right products can reach the right target audience thereby increasing sales and boosting profits. But how does one manage these channels?

Catalog ManagementCatalog Management

eWagon back-office easily manages dynamic product list. Whether the shop has one product or thousands, this incredible administrative interface let’s you manage the most complex inventory easily with quick updates. Multiple features like import and export quickly, set attributes, sort products, bulk discounts, and much more. Managing products has always been easier with eWagon.

Product DisplayProduct Displays

Multiple ways to display products in a unique way and provide customers with numerous options to view their desired products. Easy and multiple views will boost conversion rates. Reviews and ratings can reduce customer doubt by putting them at ease also adding zoom-in features and multiple product views will lead to quick coversion.

Site ManagementSite Management

eWagon provides a CMS to manage site effeciently from back-office. With minimal technical knowledge business owners can enjoy editing content, managing product displays, and changing languages all through the back office.


Multi-checkout options like detailed and single page will push conversion rates through the roof! eWagon offers a one-page checkout among other features. You can customize fields to gather certain information. From design to shipping, eWagon checkout process makes purchasing easy for customers.


eWagon allows flexible shipping modules and can be fully integrated with major carriers. Provide customers reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages. Control logistics such as, fees, weight, shipping restrictions and more from the eWagon back-office.


eWagon can be integrated with numerous payment options and business owners can request for a desired payment options that suits their business. Ensure payment is received and customers are comfortable providing their information.


Easy marketing tools are integral part of eWagon for marketing and promotional campaigns. eWagon’s effective marketing tools will assure a path for new and repeatable business leading to online success.

Client AccountClient Account

Customer satisfaction is key to keeping customers loyal and increasing sales all year around. eWagon allows merchants to provide tailor-made service to individual customer. Merchant can run loyalty programs for privileged customers.


eWagon helps you to go global as a single store can be translated in many different languages. Offering local translations will improve user experience and overall sales.


Make customers feel secure about shopping online. A secure connection is critical to begin accepting payments. From PCI to SSL compliance, eWagon comes equipped with everything a merchant needs to be secure.

Analytics and ReportingAnalytics and Reporting

Reporting is key to tracking and optimizing performance. eWagon can easily monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand what efforts are working and which have room for improvement with Statistics dashboard.


eWagon’s advanced Taxation system easily tracks a customer location and calculate taxes or promotions set by the merchant. Additionally, configure exchange rates and let customers choose their preferred currency.

eWagon 2



Presenting eWagon. Created by Buffer Tech Solutions, eWagon is your e-commerce partner that enables you to build an online store along and manage it. From marketing, sales, customer relationship management, inventory management, finance, accounting etc. eWagon takes care of it all.

Buffer Software customizes eWagon taking into consideration your organizational goals and needs, thus letting you start your business activities online and in the most time efficient manner thus enabling you to focus more on sales and revenue.

Things don’t end here. We give you an assurance that the ROI on eWagon is faster than what you can expect. Just 12 months and you will get to see the tangibles.




Why eWagon

  • Quick Establishment of E-Commerce Platforms
  • Easy Management of E-Store Inventory
  • Time Saving & Cost Effective
  • Increase in Sales & Revenue
  • Smooth E-Store Management
  • Guaranteed ROI

The eWagon Advantage

  • Site Management (for online store management)
  • Catalogue Management (for effective inventory management)
  • On Site Product Display & Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Increased Revenues & Sales
  • Time Saving
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization for more site visits)
  • Shipping (freight management)
  • Online Payments
  • Availability of Various Reports
  • Excellent Online Security (for complete safety when it comes to online transactions)
  • Local Tax Calculation

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