Today educational institutions and training centers face various challenges that greatly affect their ability to create a world class learning environment and achieve academic excellence. From admissions to curriculum updations. From infrastructure & student management to research and development right up to examinations and evaluations, all the critical processes are manual and time consuming thereby affecting the final output.

User Management

User Management

Gyanxt allows complete user management from senior staff to student and differentiates them on role based access controls. It allows easy management of different roles with exclusive permissions.

Campus News

Campus News

News or notice board functionality allows management of news which can be shared over mails & alerts can be shared over SMS.


This module allows simple examination management that includes SMS alerts for exam timetable to exam repots. Grading is one of the integrated solution enables you to track assignments and exam scores, calculate marks, produce progress reports, and post final grades into the Gyanxt.



Library module allows library personnel to manage library books by keeping a note on status like new, issued, renew, et cetera. It also helps them to create library catalogues that allows students or staff to search the book easily. Also allows users to raise the request for new books which inturn notifies user if book becomes available.


What can be easy than creating time table using drag-drop facility. Set alerts on subject limits per week also associated employee can be alerted while creating table.


Gyanxt Attendance is the comprehensive application which provides quick entry and tracking of all attendance data on desktop or any handheld device. Staff can easily view and edit attendance by class or by student for all periods and school days. Reporting is made granular to track entries on daily, monthly and exits right down to the minute. Gyanxt allows easy generation of reports and letters that can take of classrooms attendance activities completely. From monitoring attendance to generating letters and reports, Schoolmaster Attendance empowers you to take control of your classroom with rich features and benefits.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Today educational institutions and training centers face various challenges that greatly affect their ability to create a world class learning environment and achieve academic excellence. From admissions to curriculum updations.


Gyanxt provides comprehensive fee classification system, in addition to separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process. Quick analysis of fee defaulters and fee structures can be done on a click to bring bit more transparency in the system. Fee submission process is made faster and automated from dates to instant fees to payment gateway integration.


This module completely manages hostel, with a feature to add different types of Hostel and assigning multiple types of rooms to it. Students can be easily allocated to rooms and finance modules also helps in managing fees for hostel and all other facilities like defaulter can be reused for hostel module.



Easily add, edit or delete routes for vehicles with destination and cost details. Easily manage Vehicle and transport details. Gyanxt also takes care of transport fee management.


Admission module allows admissions personnel to maintain an applicant database separate from, but integrated with, the student database. After acceptance, applicants are converted to students thereby avoiding redundant data and reducing efforts of students and staff. After admission, can be shared into appropriate sections and applicants can be easily transferred from one class to other class. Admission module keeps track of sibling data, multiple guardians, pre-defined alerts and multiple other views.


Designed to cater to the ever increasing needs of the educational sector, GyaNXT is the perfect tool to manage the daily operations and administrative functions of an educational or training institution. GyaNXT’s technological finesse and the ability to simplify & automate saves a lot of time thereby giving modern educationalists the much needed time & resources to focus on creating an excellent learning eco system.

School Boys

Why GyaNXT

  • Saves Time
  • Simplifies Communication
  • Helps in Academic Content Management
  • Easy management of students, staff & faculty data
  • Systematic organization of examination and evaluation

Computer Boy

GyaNXT Advantage

  • Developed on a powerful framework
  • Multiple language support
  • User friendliness
  • Complete encryption & security

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