Mobile, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud & Social

The Mobile Revolution has begun and we are at the cusp of technology & commercialization. Millions are now accessing the internet through their Smartphone’s and the numbers are rising day by day.

Markets are now mobile and yes they are available on your own smart gadget too (Smartphone’s & tablets). Various mobile applications designed for various platforms like blackberry, android, iOS and windows have enabled business to sell their products & services with the help of mobile technology. In simpler words we can say, where you go, the market goes.

Mobile technology has done wonders for businesses. They are now having millions of customers alone through mobile technology.

We at BufferTS provide you with complete mobile solutions to assist you in generating more customers, boost sales and develop your businesses through the incredible mobile technology. Our varied experience in providing solutions for mobile technology enable us in creating some great applications that focus on interactivity & user engagement. Our creative centre works at informing and educating people through custom made seminars and webinars on the latest technology trends and how mobile technology is affecting businesses.

Our solutions are:

  • Mobility consulting services
  • Mobility business integration solutions
  • Managed services
  • Mobility software solutions –platforms and devices


“A process or capability in which human agents determine a system development approach for a specific project situation through responsive changes in, and dynamic interplays between contexts, intentions, and method fragments.”

THE BOOK, An Agile Information Systems Development Method in use


Analytics means tools used to understand the given data. BufferTS’s analytics software helps an organization to process data for gaining details that can influence decision making at various levels in an organization. This advanced software can be integrated with the social media account of the particular company and get that data analyzed accordingly.

It is said that Information is Power & this holds true for any organization. With the correct information, a company can scale the heights of corporate & financial success as it can make correct predictions, identify threats and seize opportunities.

BufferTS’s analytics software has high levels of precision that assists organizations achieve their full potential. Our software also helps in systematic arrangement of information that helps in greater productivity and enhanced profitability.

Data Analytics

Big Data

Big DataThe data volume is rising day by day. Huge amounts of data are pouring into your organization and this trend is and will always be ever increasing. In such a situation you need to know how to manage, collect and analyze this data and keep the necessary data with you. The most amazing thing about big data is the benefits an organization can achieve from it. As loads of data start piling on, terabytes of space gets consumed as this big data takes the space in various formats.

Big data needs a high end and sophisticated software to segregate, separate, analyze & process the data that’s important and that isn’t.

We at BufferTS are well equipped to handle you big data and analyze it. Standard analytics software takes up to days for your big data analysis but Buffer’s big data solutions can analyze big data in a matter of minutes, thus saving you time and enabling you to focus on business processes and take effective business decisions based on the data.


Cloud Computing
Coud computing – the most popular and much spoken about technology is the future of data storage and network access. Being flexible, user friendly, cost effective and automated, cloud computing keeps all your applications updated.

This effective and new age technology also enhances the company’s capability in retrieving data anywhere & anytime. With an amazing pay for whatever you use feature, BufferTS’s cloud services is a must have tool for your IT requirements.

Our offerings are:

  • IaaS
  • 365 days, 24/7 technical assistance
  • Multi-tenant cloud
  • Channel management functions
  • Network segregation security, Inherent security & Secure
  • Policy Management
  • Dedicated virtual appliances
  • Comprehensive customer logs & All user audit logs
  • Co-branding
  • Self-provisioning cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Delivering & managing virtual infrastructure solutions at any point from anywhere
  • Private virtual datacenter
  • Integrated system monitoring services
  • Usage based billing integrated services
  • Cloud based utilization dashboards


The web 2.0 has seen a sudden growth in social networking websites. Blogging, posting, tweeting, pinning etc. now form a very important part in people’s lives. People are going social minute by minute and most of all; people connect to brands on a deeper level on various social media platforms.

Products, services & brands are widely spoken about on the internet. Also since social media gives access to a two way communication it enables customers to converse with the brand also give feedback as the world watches.

BufferTS’s analytics software has high levels of precision that assists organizations achieve their full potential. Our software also helps in systematic arrangement of information that helps in greater productivity and enhanced profitability.

So trust BufferTS and experience the wonders of social media for your brand.

Our Solutions:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Development, Consultation & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Application Development
  • Creative Services